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Sweet Brew® at Home

Save with the Bundle- Tea Brewer + 1 case of: Sweet Tea, UnSweet Tea or 1/2 Sweet Tea

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Sweet Unsweet 1/2 Sweet

Includes 1 Tea Brewer & Pitcher and 1 case Tea of YOUR CHOICE Sweet , Unsweet  or 1/2 Sweet 

This truly is the perfect way to enjoy FRESH sweet iced tea at home and is superior to off the shelf sweet tea. Our brewer and specially formulated tea pouches that contain both tea and pure cane sugar make the brewing process a breeze. Using the accompanying Sweet Brew pitcher, fill ice to the indicated line, add water to fill to the second line then press the BREW button. Your absolutely perfectly sweetened iced tea will be ready to drink as soon as the brew ends. No waiting for hot water to cool. No measuring. No additional steeping. No Mess. Life is simply better with easy and delicious fresh-brewed sweet tea at your fingertips!

Each pouch is individually wrapped in cellophane to further preserve freshness and taste and makes one pitcher of perfect sweet tea. Shelf life of unopened pouch is 365 days.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Tea Brewer 
  • 1 Acrylic Pitcher with indicator lines for ice and water
  • 12 pouches of Sweet Brew Tea
  • Instruction Sheet
  • 2 Sweet Brew plastic cups

For optimum flavor, tea should be enjoyed up to 5 days after brewing when kept in the refrigerator.


NOTE: Supplies may be limited due to nationwide supply chain complications. 




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